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My Top 6 Favorite Resale Apps!

Hi Lovely!!

If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube then you know I LOVE using resale apps! I sell on them and buy stuff on them. It’s a great way to find cute stuff that either is no longer sold in stores or for cheaper than you would have from the store. I definitely recommend checking them out and deciding which is the best for you. Here are my top 6 favorite resale apps!


For my buying and selling needs, I typically use Mercari. It’s easy to use which is the best part of the app. You can easily list items using photos you already have stored on your phone or by taking photos in the app. It prompts questions like condition, brand, etc. that allows the buyer to know more about the item before purchasing. The app also provides shipping labels so you don’t have to worry about standing in a long line at the post office. Simply print off the order and drop it off. Easy peasy. Keep in mind, when listing items you pay a 10% fee for each item that sells. For purchasing, I like that the app encourages detailed information. And, if the seller didn’t provide enough information for you, you can message them. There’s also a rating system which I like because you can learn more about the seller. The downside to Mercari is that you have to wait for payment until the buyer receives the item. If you’re looking for quick money this may not be the best spot.


Similar to Mercari, Depop is a great app for finding and selling tons of different items. For selling, it doesn’t require you to input as much information so I’d suggest trying to be as detailed as possible in the description. On the flip side, if you’re interested in an item, don’t feel like you can’t ask the seller for additional information before buying. This app also has a 10% listing fee when selling stuff and your listings don’t end. Also similar to Mercari, Depop provides shipping labels, making it easy to sell your items. Unlike Mercari, the money you earn is immediately sent to your PayPal.


This is a classic resale app. I remember using eBay back in high school to find Juicy Couture items. Selling-wise, there are multiple fees for selling. For details on fees, click here. I’ve only tried to sell a few items on this site but didn’t like that listings ended and had so many fees associated with selling. I usually use eBay for buying kawaii items. You can find so much on eBay!


Poshmark is predominately a fashion resell app. If you have some brand-name clothes to sell, try here. There are fees on this app. Sales under $15 have a fee of $2.95 and on sales over $15, Poshmark receives a 20% commission. When listing items you are required to include a description, size, the original price, and your listing price. Shipping is through the app and is a flat $6.79. If you decide to use this app for selling clothing know that, similar to Mercari, you don’t receive funds until the buyer receives their purchase. On the buying side, this app is good if you’re searching for a specific brand or style.


OfferUp is great for purchasing items locally like furniture but you can also find smaller items that can be shipped, like Funko Pops! Unlike the other apps I mentioned, OfferUp is free to use. Some transactions that require shipping may include service fees or shipping costs. I haven’t listed items on OfferUp but I’ve bought several furniture pieces using the app.


This app is similar to OfferUp in that its intended use is for local sales. Like OfferUp, there are no fees but there are in-app purchases you can use to help sell stuff. I use this app to hunt for new pieces of furniture. To purchase items you simply message the seller, agree on a meeting place, and provide cash.

Those are my top six favorite resale apps! I use a combination of these apps to furnish my house and add to my kawaii collection. Which resale apps do you use?

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